... they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

                - Isaiah 40:31


Reason To Run is a recognized 501(c)3 organization through the Road Runners Club of America, group exemption status with the IRS.  

Fed ID # 47-5533711

Race for the Cure Inside 5K

Races are run on a paved track within the prison yard - nine laps around the track is approximately one mile.  This means a 5K is 28 laps and a 10K consists of 56 laps.


Reason to Run partners with Race for the Cure to allow inmates to run the event inside the prison yard with a Race for the Cure numbered bib.  Inmates donate $5 to $10 to participate in the event and those not running/walking cheer on the sidelines.


Over the past four years over 300 inmates have participated in Race for the Cure Inside and have raised over $1,500 for breast cancer research.  We are already planning for the 5th annual Race for the Cure Inside.

Stomp Out Abuse 5K/10K

In May 2015, the Reason to Run partnered with Abuse Recover Ministries (ARMs) to coordinate a 5K/10K race.  The race, Stomp Out Abuse, was open to all inmates in the minimum unit of the CCCF and focused on raising awareness about domestic abuse.
The event included a guest speaker who share her story of escaping a domestic abuse situation and encouraged inmates to take advantage of the ARMs support groups available at CCCF. The race did not have official results, but all 50+ participants received an official race bib and there was a finish line timing clock. 
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